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Hey folks, Tony here from Kidstabletswithwifi. com and today I just wanted to show you guys the unboxing of the Kindle fire HD 6 kids edition. Now I have already opened this up, but I did want to show you guys exactly what comes with this tablet. This is Amazon’s attempt at designing a tablet specifically for kids this year. It’s a great concept. Unfortunately, it hasn’t panned out the best for them but we can talk more about that later.

Now inside the box you will see that you get the kid-proof case, and that’s just a nice little rubberized case that’s available in a few different colors. I got it in green. So, we’ll set that aside. Now, again I’ve already opened this up. This is the actual tablet box. Here’s the HD six kids edition. Again, it’s a little bit dirty because I’ve already messed with it some so I can do a review for you guys later.

There it is. It comes with a little USB cord. It also comes with the power adapter which has a plugin USB slot. There is nothing that impressive in the box really. Again, I’ll be back later with a full in-depth review for you guys on the Kindle Fire HD six kids edition and if you would like feel free to head on over to Kidstabletswithwifi. comYou can click the little logo right here, and that will take you over to the site and check out some of our in-depth reviews, Information on accessories and things like that. Thanks for watching and I’ll be back later with a full review for you.

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