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Well this changes everything. Or does it? dropped some really big news. Here's the background on why that's important. how to launch a private label product on Amazon. So why is that important? Because reviews are social proof.

that you have to follow. star review. you had received the product for a discount. Simple enough, right? or getBSR.

com. ones. it does create a lack of trust. That's what they are going to do. Ok, we'll find another way. A few things. up the review chart.

it, coming back and reviewing it. The conversions for that are very small. you think you need to start using now. person that purchased their product. Could be fun. review program is no more. Amazon is going to go Liam Nielson on you. sad. Can I tell you a secret. I know. I just wanted to try something different. and also youtube marketing.

getting better on camera. Still needs a lot of work. See ya. Haven't you read Good to Great by Jim Collins? Undeniably optimistic leadership. So when the game changes, change with it. But is there still opportunity?

Yeah, there is. Is it going to be harder? Yeah, it is. But that's life. policy by Amazon. I will talk to you next week, take care.

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