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Hey guys, welcome to another vlog! I'm gonna vlog todayI'm here with my friends from CanadaThey don't have YouTube but i'll link their instagrams (Do you have Instagram?)And SnapChatThey're flight attendants and they have a layover in Tokyo for a couple daysSo we're chilling in Harajuku right nowI really wanted to go to the shrine and get my fortune for the yearThis is Meiji Shrine, and it's really busy because it's New YearsSo I'm not really sure if we're going to be able to line up and get anythingBut we can at least check it out and I can show it to you guysSo first we have to wash our hands and our mouth at this cleansing station hereSee how she's washing her dirty mouth? She wasn't joking? No no, yeah you're supposed to yeahOk, let me just wash my dirty mouthHey it's not that crowded!

I thought it was gonna be worseThat's true, most people are back at workWe're going to try and find the omikuji (fortunes) nowMaybe they're here? Where the people are lining up? Or they could be buying the charmsYeah I think these are the charmsOk here's the crowd, I knew they were somewhere! They're got it blocked off so you can't go up to the entrance of the shrine like you usually canSo everyone's throwing their coins and praying from behind the fence hereSo here's all the good luck charms you can buy this yearEveryone's lining up to buy themOver here you can write your wish on one of these wooden plaques and hang it up hereThey're called "ema" and they sell them here for 1000 yenYay we found the omikuji! The English ones are over…Oh Japanese is fine! So you shake the box until one of the sticks comes outI think it says 26Yes it's number 26and then the number is on the end of the stickOk let's see! I have the worst luckIt doesn't say if it's lucky or notRegardless of what path you take, some of them will be difficult and others won'tNo matter which path you take, take the righteous pathNo matter how much you might sufferIt's not saying you're gonna suffer buthaving a strong will, you will persevere sort of thingSounds goodSo these omikuji are different than other onesThe ones at Meiji Shrine, they're kinda like advicethat you just keep with you at all timesIt's not really a lucky or not lucky kinda thingIt's just giving you life adviceSo that's interesting, I've never had one of these beforeOmikuji! They also have english ones! This poem is composed in the traditional 31 syllable formby either the Emperor Meiji, or the Empress ShokenThe poem's message will have particular meaning for youI think yours is too, but they're all differentI feel like yours is mine! You got the English translation of mine! That's so weird! Here you go guys, if you want to know what mine meant here is the English translation!

They're doing the food stands! I didn't know they had that hereI thought it was all over with, that's awesome! So we have some fried foods hereYakitori it looks like? Oh motsu, motsu (innards)Oh there's so many people here! Yay! Let's eat! They look so good! Should we go sit on the stairs? This is good? It's not badIt looks so goodThey're always so hot thoughThat's the thing, they're like hot pocketsYeah the inside is like burningThese are smaller ones though, I don't like the fish flakesThat's like the best part! I love themI'll have your fish flakes girlIt's so goodThey're not super hot eitherDon't mind meThis is the best oneIt's time to adventure through Takeshita StreetWe're gonna go to DaisoThese are so cute. I'll get thatI'll get this red oneThat should be good, that should be fineThose are so good, I love those so muchThe thing is if I buy that, I'll never be able to figure this outJust look at the picture!

Fry onions, fry meat, add the sauce. DONE. What kind of meat? Any kind of meatToo complicatedOh the panda ones, yeahThese are new though! Rocket Pudding? And they're cuteOh here we go! Milk tea, Royal Milk TeaThis is just for 3 cups thoughBut I guess that's not bad for like a buck? It's not too busy tonight, I thought it was gonna be worseThis is the Liz Lisa store for all your Liz Lisa fansThat's so cute! French Dressing?

What the…Oh that's so cute!!How much is it? Is this guys? How can you tellUhhh this section is usually girlsThat's niceBut if it was in blackI've been looking at this pink one every time I come in hereI'm totally in love with this type of thingHow much is this? 4000. Yeah $40They're crochetedThose are so randomYou want a pair! Look at theseOh those are cuteI'm obsessed with this necklaceThis one, isn't it cute! We came to get some ramen, and look! They have a vegetarian one! Doesn't include any animal products or extractsAll of it are made from vegetablesThat's really rare, so that's cool! I'll put all the information for the shop down below so you guys can find this place if you wantCheers!!Thank you! Yay! Veggie ramen! Check it out! Is that tofu???I hope so! BonusAnd I got a soft boiled eggand pickled bambooAnd Dario got the Tonkotsu MisoWith all the toppingsIt's got mentaiko, pork, bamboo, some more meat, and the soft boiled eggI'm so excited!!Mmmm! It's really good! This is so goodIt's not heavy at all because the soup is salt basedSo it's not a creamy oily soup like regular ramenSo that's niceIt's got lots of veggies in it! There's spinach in it and green onionsThis is really goodLook it has even got fake tofu meat in itI think this is the first time I've seen soy meat in JapanIt looks like real meatIt does right? It's like stringyEw like, fibrousWeirdddSo this is the name of the place, it's called Kyushu Jangaraand it's right by Harajuku StationThis is Harajuku Station right over hereIf you come out of the station and go down the Omotesando exitIt's just around the corner, so it's really easy to findOmggggShould we get these?

How much are they? Can't wear a t-shirt though, it's so coldThey're only 2300 yen! ($20)That's so cheap, yeahWhat's the biggest size? Ok I gotta get oneYeah why are they so smallThis is a small, and this is an extra-smallThat's a medium? I feel like the medium would fit me, do they have anything bigger? Do you have extra large? What's the biggest size? No sorryDoes that say "normal fag"?? What???What the hellWhat is that, what does that even meanWhat even"You have room for 20 more items" like in a video gameThat's so cool I love that, this store has really cute stuffWelcome to the most awesome Starbucks in JapanThis is the Tokyo Plaza Starbucks in HarajukuIt's all lit up, we're on the roof of the buildingIsn't it good? I made him get the lavender earl grey tea latteYou guys gotta get it if you come to Japan! I'm telling you best drink ever! With soy milk, get it with soy milkLook at this! Doesn't this look amazing!?

I thought it was creme brule but it's some apple thingIt's got apple and custard, and I think this is creme brule on the topI don't know but it looks friggen good! This is the best thing I've ever eaten everOh my godIt's so good! I love the apple tasteIt's like custardIt tastes like a… it's almost like a flan! Oh my goddddWe're heading to Tokyo Tower now! I haven't seen Tokyo Tower in yearsYes! I'm so excited! That's so cool! It's so nice! They've got like Christmas stuff going on down hereLet's take a picture here! Yeah! It costs 900 yen to go up to the main observatoryIf you wanna go higher I think it was 1300 yen or something? It's a little more expensiveI've been here before so we're just gonna go to the main deckYou'll be able to see outside the elevator soonOh you can see outsideScary scary scaryIt's my first time! Guys this is really high upJust wait till we get up thereThere's like a clear floor patch that you can stand onIt's so scaryWe're still going up? This is only the first level? YeahWow~Ok this is the most terrifying part of Tokyo TowerBut there's a reflection of the lights so it doesn't look as scaryHow many people does it hold!?It's so cute! It's so much nicer than the last time I cameThey didn't have all these lights everywhereAlright guys, we're heading home now so I'll say byeSee you tomorrow because I'm probably going to be vlogging tomorrow, bye!!Subscribe for new videos every week!

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