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– Today's 70% off – You're new high-tech best friend(electricity sparking)(high-energy music)Welcome to your one stop shop for savings.- And I'm Rosaline, floor director. And in your hands right now. An amazing power-bank that's alsoa jump-starter for your car. Complete with compass, LED lights, all of these other crazy features. Before we get to this in a demo.- Yes! Before we get to that, a reminderno company pays me to talk about them. it'll be a paid day of sorts for youthat you can find. At 70% off its MSRP and under 50 bucks, complete with all accessories.

This power-pack brings piece of mind, serious safety savings, Which we will show you in a moment. Now this power-pack and jump-starter, a vehicle of your choice, three phones or tablets simultaneously, is not only extremely well rated, Let's put this to the test.- We have a compass right over here.- [Matt] Ahh! Thank's Rosaline, that's effective.- And then it hasthree ports here where we can chargethree things at the same time. It shows how much battery life is left. So you do not have to guess. So you can plug in your jump-start cablesinto these ports right over here. And we also have three ports right hereto charge three devices at the same time. So let's start with Matt's Android phone. We're just going to plug it in here. And then we also have Matt's Ipad here. And another Samsung phone in here.- [Matt] This is a beautiful sight.

Simultaneous charging. All from this thing.- As a floor directorwhere it's very very very very dark. So having something like this power-bankwould be so helpful.

And the fact that I could chargethree things at the same timeis very helpful. And I like the safety feature ofjust knowing that you have a cableto jump-start your car. Or you have this adapterthat can easily plug into theDC adapter to charge the power-bank. So you never have to worry about that. So, yeah, this is great. And the fact that you can have this kit. It's just super handy to have this kitwith all the cables that you need. So this is just something that you canhave and keep in your car on the go.- Now a reminder againThank you so much for watching.

And please leave a comment. Because I will comment back.- That was amazing. We're not editing that out. For free stuff click the subscribe buttonyou see on your screen right now. You'll be signed up or thatand all of my biggest daily deals. on a mobile device it looks like this. Click the box. Turn on your channel alerts.

That will ensure your emailedevery time I upload a huge deal. And remember, you wanna buy any item I feature, there's a linkright under this video window. Click the show more taband every link I have for every dealis right there. There you go. You are awesome.

Thank you so much for watching.

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