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I am Chris, and today we're going to find the right camera for you. Let's do this real quick. Photography is basically painting pictures with lightWhat's the best camera to buy? I get this question asked a lot. There's really no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what you plan on doing with your camera. It depends on what type of photographs you're going to take. Are you taking picture indoors of your kids? Basic action shots of your kids because they run around like crazy?

Are you taking outside photos of plants, animals, nature type of stuff? Are you doing a studio type of set up? Like I usually do? Are you doing an all around? Where you could be doing stuff indoors, you could be doing stuff outside? You could be photographing lightning, photographing the stars, photographing the moon. What are you actually doing?

Do you plan on taking video with your camera? These are questions you need to ask yourself before you even decide on what type of camera to get. There is a misconception out there thatthe most expensive camera, the camera that has the most gadgets and the most control is the best camera to get. That's not necessarily true. You can buy that camera and still take crappy photos. It all depends upon the user and what knowledge they have and what they are trying to achieve with their photographs. A simple point and shoot camerafits in your pocketyou can take it out whenever and record the moment. The point and shoot camerasare great because they take the guess work out of taking good pictures.

A point and shoot camera is usually slow to focus and then slow to take the picture afterwards. It doesn't always mean you are going to get that moment [snaps fingers] right awayThere may be some advances in technology that i am unaware of. but basically speaking, point and shoot cameras don't focus that fast and don't take a picture that fastbut do your research, you may find something that does. a medium size camera that does not haveinterchangable lens and is not a DSLRa little bit better for the beginner photographerthat wants a little more control wants a little bit of a zoomand wants to have a variety of photos they can take the DSLR with interchangbale lenses that's more of your jack of all tradesthat's someone who wants to get into photographyas a hobby, as an amateur whatever. It's a way to have more control over your photographsgenerally speaking the DSLR is going to focus faster and it's going to allow you to take the picture faster but it doesn't always mean you are going to get the picture you have to set up for that shot you have to anticipate what is going to happen and you have to be ready to capture that moment when you see itthat all comes from skill and experience you have to definitely use your camerato get better at ityou have to gain a little bit of knowledge of photography a DSLR is not that great when you just want to video tape you kids and take pictures of them at the same timeits alot harder to focus its a skill you have to masterthere might be some DSLRs out there that have the auto focus feature just like a camcorder wouldDSLRs with interchanglable lenses are great if you really want to get into photography.

there is an advantage to having the lens that comes with the cameraits a versatile lensyou are probably going to use it all the time unless you really get into a niche type of photographycheap telephoto lenses out there which really are not that cheaphave their shortcomings when you zoom in all the way you need more lightso you are limited on the types of days that you can go and use thoseand get a good photograph or a good video from itindoor photography without a studio set upis always going to be difficult, there is never going to be enough light your eyes may perceive enough light but the camera does not capture as much light as your eyes willyou always have to add more light to the sceenweather that is turning on more lights in the room using the flash on camera which is not always the best or adding an additional flash onto your cameranow that can usually be done with a modertate range cameraor a digital SLRsome introductory DSLRs come with a flash on cameraits basically useless you are going to end up investing in a flash that probably cost just as much as the cameraif not half as muchand even then you have to be careful because the recycle times on the flash may not be up to where you need it for what you are photographing now when i say recycle times on a flash i mean when you are in an indoor setting you take a picture with the flash the flash goes off now that flash has to charge up again before you can take another picture with that flash a fast recycle time means more money you have to spend but it also means a faster picture you can take and get those moments you dont want to miss out onalot of people have a common misconception that going out on a sunny day is the best time to take a photographthats when its really harsh out the light is really harshjust like the flash that is normally on your camera its really harsh you want a more soft diffused light so on a day when its overcast the light is much better its softer its diffusedjust the same when you put an external flash on to a camerabounce it off the ceiling and diffuse it the light is going to be more pleasing the photograph is going to be more pleasing the golden hour of the day that is when the sun is setting and the light is pretty much even with you pretty much parallel with you its not beating down on you its not really coming in at an angle its coming down on the horizon and you have a golden hour of light it not that long but its a beautiful time to photograph its a beautiful time to video you hear about that in the film industry a lot its something to think about when you want to go outside and take those family portraits with you camerayou can achieve this with pretty much any camera if you know a few facts once you finally decide what picture you are going to take most that is going to steer you into the direction of what type of camera you should buy once you narrow that down then you can narrow that down to a couple different models my recommendation is go to a store where you can physically get those cameras in your hands play with the controls feel the camera in your hands and make sure it's the right size for youmake sure it's functional in a way that you are going to understand it and you are going to be able to use it and not get frustrated once you do that I would go online go on to youtube go onto some other forums research those cameras look for reviews online there is plenty of video out there that is going to tell you the shortcomings of the camera and the positivesand you can also see the video quality and the picture quality compare thosethe other thing you want to think about do you want a video camera with your still camera? there is advantages with thatyou have an all in one camera you can take video and still pictures not at the same time but there is no changing between cameras the downside with that isa video camera is a video camera it does video very wellthere is an auto focus feature on video camerasobviouslybut what it does is when something gets closer to the camera it focuseswhen it gets farther away it refocuses a camera like mine it does not do that you have to do that manually either by adjusting the focus ring following focus or by choosing the auto focus but you still have to manually press a button and its very noisy when you are recording very distracting another thing you have to think about is your editing programs that you are going to be using you can really get away with using the editing programs that come with the computer whether it be video or photobut you have to have the basic knowledge of how to use them correctly to enhance your photographs you want to do as much as you can in camerabut you are going to want to have the option to do it on the editor as well a few things to keep in mind what type of photographs are you going to be takingthis is going to help you determine what type of camera to getwhen you are taking your photographs you want to be aware of your subjectyou want to be able to focus attention on your subject and you want to eliminate any distractions that would take away from your subjectwhat does this usually mean? it usually means get in closer if you think you are in close enough you're not, you want to get in closer you want to fill the frame with your subjectyou want to make sure your subject is in focus and you want to eliminate anything in the background that may be distracting from your viewerthere are a few key elements that you should learn if you want to take better photographsits not necessarily your camera that has the shortcomings a little bit of knowledge goes a long wayif you guys have any further questions please leave them in the comments belowI am Chris and thank you for watching if you found this video helpful, please give me a thumbs up and subscribedefinitely share this video with your friends and don't forget to check out some of my other videos

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