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elsewhere. The set number is LEGO 75146 and I do know that you get 24 surprise Star Wars gifts incompartments today. Some of the minifigures of Star Wars characters that you get included with it look pretty cool. I thinkwell. I'd prefer the gold C3PO but I'm looking forward to opening the silver C3PO that you get with this. There are a few micro builds according to the box. This Star Wars Republic Attack Cruiser looks very funky. Down here there is a black minifig hand breaking through the ice solittle picture of the white Chewbacca that is included and we can see here that thisthe surprises that are included. Some of the pictures are repeated so there's Snow Chewbacca again.

There are a couple more minifigures there – Luke Skywalker and a Bespin Guard. I like the sleigh down here, that looks cool, and the LEGO snowman is a festive Star Wars Imperial Office I think. I guess it's like a true advent calendar where you really don't know what surprisesyou're going to get in there.

than the others because I'd like a really nice surprise for for the last day of theso that you can actually play with the LEGO gifts when you've opened all of the figures andcompartment stay tuned for my next video. I like this snowy area myself becauseit is really festive, like a Star Wars winter village! Over here are all of the numbered boxes, one for each day, that you canbut if you would like to know what Lego Star Wars gifts are in each of the compartments stay tuned forspoilers stay away from that video! Don't worry, the title will say there are spoilers in it so you'll know not to click on it. OK that's it for now! Thanks for watching my little video and please remember to subscribe if you think I have earned it :o)Bye!

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