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(bright music)- Honey, what are you doing?- What?- Watching me? Why?- Well I wanted to be ready – Well you heard the doctor. It could come any minute now.- Okay.- It's time!- Honey, wait! I just dropped the alarm clock.- No, honey.- Cancel it, cancel it.- What was that?- Oh, nothing, nothing.

but I think you need it.- What? Are you crazy? from having a baby?- Alan, I'll be fine. Please, Alan.- Well, alright. We can go to McDonalds.- Uhhh…- Alan.- Well, alright, Midge.- Oh, thank you, Alan! And don't you worry.

everything goes wrong.- I don't care what the lawsof Hollywood script writing say.(Alan grumbling)- Yep, I can relate.- Stupid stairs.

– What?- He slept with his clothes on.(giggling)- Alan, you better get to work – Oh, alright. Bye, honey. Who'd I just kiss?- Me.- That's okay, it's okay.- Okay, bye honey.- [Midge] Bye, dear.(phone ringing)Hello?

Oh, hi Kelsey. Okay, that'll be fine. See you soon. So be nice and play with her.- [Altogether] Okay.(doorbell rings)- Hello Kaley and Kelsey.- Oh, hi Ryan.- Oh, hey Kaley.

you can do with it?- [Altogether] Bye.(Midge sighs)- What's wrong?- I was just sighing. unless you really mean it.- Alan, stop being so nervous.

And while I'm gone,- Don't worry, honey, I will.- [Ryan] Just a minute, Kaley. I'm on level 255 of Pac-Man.- Oh, okay. Whoa!- [Ryan] Wait! What's happening?- Oops.(Ryan panicking)- Ryan? Ryan, hello?(phone rings)(Alan panicking)- Midge, are you okay?- Honey, I'm fine. But it turns out you were right.

– Oh, I knew it! and bring them to the hospital.- Okay.- Be there in a sec.- Okay, bye.- Oh dear.(phone rings)- Uh, what?- Just come here! you're gonna win!(Ryan panicking)No! Bye!- Uh, she's in room 204.- Thank you! Oh, Dr. Barbie, how's Midge?- Everything's fine.- Oh, good.- Guys, you're here. Come see your new baby sister.- What? There's two?- Surprise, twins!- Yay, I have a brother!

– Oh, they're beautiful. What are you going to name them?- Oh, those names are perfect.(bright upbeat music)

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